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Maggie. 14. Third of August. Jersey Girl. Dirty blonde hair. Green/Golden Eyed. Euphoric & Dejected. Manic Depressive. Blonde Intellect. Maverick (Well, she'd like to think so). Wannabe Musician. Wallflower. Ambivalent. Philanthropist. Music = life. Vegetarian. Bohemian. Crazee. Loner. Shy/Wild. Loser. Insecure. Dreamer. Writer. Artist.

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Animals; boys; art; black and white photography; drawing; painting; writing; anarchy; men in makeup; penguins; little kids; dark hair; moehawks; weird/crazy people; the insane; dreamcatchers; stars; fairytales; hearts; night; summer; rain; autumn; lockets; jewelry boxes; scrapbooks; New York City; open-minded people; free spirits; vampires; morbidness; words that don't exist but I use anyway; clothes; photoshop; Tim Burton movies; piercings; tattoos; mini-coopers; astrology; coffee; crying; seeing people laugh/smile.

Animal cruelty; fur; rap music; liars; football; major record labels; MATH; homework; getting up early; hate; suicide; depression; therapists who do nothing but prescribe meds; public bathrooms; vanity; homophobes; racists; igorance; MTV; when people call things 'gay'; politics; when your eyeliner/mascara runs; needles; hospitals; crowds.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005
Notice of Deletion

Hey Carol -
Please stop finding my blogs, myspaces, etc. for the sake of my own sanity. I write down my thoughts on these blogs so that my friends can know whats going on, and so that I can keep an account of it myself, and I don't appreciate you nosing into my business like this.

Because of you and whoever is sending stuff to my dad/mom/whomever I have deleted all of my blog entries and can no longer have a blog. I hope you know it's because of you that I have pretty much lost something very important to me.

Please stop.. thanks ;)

To everyone else ---
I'll probably be using my other journal from now on, and if you want the address of that or myspace please IM me on beautyisdead x3.

Thanks <3